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Heavy Rigid (HR)

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Only available if you complete the Heavy Rigid courses with Trent Education below.

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Licence Me

A 1 day course to help you get your licence as soon as possible. No fuss, start soon.

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Licence Plus – Most Popular

A 2 day course that covers all the training in the one day course plus additional training
in various environments and complex conditions.

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Industry Ready

A 1 week course with comprehensive training to help you become job ready. These students graduate with the highest level of training possible and stand out among their peers.

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What's Classified As Heavy Rigid?

HR Includes:

  • Trucks and buses with a GVM more than eight tonnes, and three or more axles
  • Any towed trailer must not weigh more than nine tonnes GVM
  • Bendy buses. Even though these vehicles are articulated, they’re treated as rigid vehicle

Essential Requirements

The key essentials required before we can start your training

  • Pass the Roads and Maritime Service (RMS, former known as RTA)’s Rigid knowledge test. Practice Test
  • Retrieve the Heavy Vehicle Competency Based Assessment (HVCBA) learners guide and obtain the logbook from the RMS
  • Held a C, LR, or MR licence for longer than 2 years, excluding a learners licence.
  • Provide your USI number. (Sign up for a Free USI number)

If you have any troubles, please call us on 02 8748 4500.

Is This For You?

This is suitable for those who:

  • need their HR Licence for their current workplace
  • are currently looking for a job involving trucks

Availability for training

Trent Education understands that you are busy trying to balance various commitments. So, we are committed to finding times for training that suit your schedule, just let us know when you are available.

Why become a truck driver?

  • The world moves when you move. Truck drivers are always relied upon in any economy – no matter how good or bad it is performing.
  • The Open Road. Truck Drivers have the luxury of enjoying the scenery while they are on the drive to their next destination.  
  • Get paid well. For the work, you are paid quite well. Salaries can range from $50,000 to $100,000 depending on your level experience and the company you work for.

Any other questions?

For any assistance, or to have a chat about enrolment, please feel free to drop us a line.