Trent’s Story

Trent was started as a one car driving school in 1969 by Kerry and Heather O’Sullivan at Chatswood on Sydney’s North Shore. With a $1000 ¼ page ad in the Sydney Yellow Pages, their entire savings at the time. Here is the story why.

Once upon a time there was a driving instructor named Kerry who worked for a driving school that taught people how to pass the test.

Every day Kerry would prepare people for the driving test.

Until one day Kerry had a student who thought he was ready for the driving test, but he wasn’t. Kerry gave in and let him try. He passed and got his licence.

Kerry read a newspaper article about a pedestrian being run over. The driver of the vehicle was the student in our story.

Because of that Kerry decided to make it his mission to create safe drivers.  Trent Driving School was created.