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The best Driving Instructor Course in NSW

Premier training that puts you in the passenger’s seat!

If you’re passionate about driving, there is no greater job than using that passion to teach others.

With Trent Education, put yourself on the road to freedom and drive for a living!


About Trent Education

Trent Education offers a top quality driving instructor course for people who are truly passionate about driving. Launched in 1969, our instructor course is renowned for producing some of the finest driving instructors in the country.

Why Get a Trent Education?

Our driving instructor course doesn’t just give you a qualification, it gives you a lifestyle!

people in car doing TLI41222 course


the satisfaction of being one of the best-trained driving instructors in Australia


the flexibile work hours and arrangements of being a driving instructor


workdays spent driving in the open air, not cooped up at a desk


sharing your wisdom and helping learner drivers to be confident and safe

Why is our driving instructor course Unique?

When you choose a Trent Education, you’re choosing the best!


Here’s What Our Students Have to Say

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